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This section is dedicated to all our projects about spreading science, knowledge and awareness of finswimming.

We are focused on 3 directions.
1) Hosting the champions: we invite here in Zagreb famous finswimmers and coaches, in order to learn from them their best practices, success secrets and profit from their enthusiasm in sharing their experience with us. That's why we started in 2011 a project called Zagreb Water Sports Weekend (former Zagreb finswimming weekend) and share invitations to other Croatian-based clubs.

2) Presenting finswimming around: Competition make us think new solutions, so it's important to be in a stimulating environment. We show our sport where is still not present or new clubs are established, and we hold short presentations trying to follow them up. It's also a chance for our members to give importance to their past work. You may request our services and consultancy: there are lots of places where finswimming is not present, definitively there's room for brand new stories!
3) Teaching ourselves: Athletes in our club may take advantage of seminars and courses about finswimming. We try to increase the awareness of our finswimmers and encourage long-term spin-off projects: recently we introduced two assistant coaches in our staff and are trying to create a path of good governance in sport. Our team is improving also his skills in applying for calls for tenders, managing formal documentation of a sport club and marketing our activities around. The best way for this kind of activities is training camp (4hrs a day of training, analysis of finswimming with participants) for members of our team and twin clubs.

This is what is planned to be organized:

2016, 3rd-9th January - 5th International finswimming camp - location to be defined (Slavonski Brod, Kikinda, Krapinske Toplice are among the options), more details soon.

2015, 18th-23th December - presentation of finswimming (location to be defined), more details soon

2015, 28th-29th November - 5th Zagreb water sports weekend - Giancarlo Pagliarini (Italy), coach of Bruno Loschi finswimming team from Modena (Italy), he had some famous sprinters like Cesare Fumarola. He will be followed by 2 current Italian team members (Erica Barbon and Kevin Zanardi). He will talk about "How to choose the right monofin".

This is what we did in past years:

2015 January - 4th International finswimming camp - Kikinda (Serbia) - Follow-up of 2011, 2012, 2013 camps, again with our twin clubs from Belgrade and Kikinda. Some members of Croatian Kostrena club also joined. Borut Jan (Slovenia) took part as coach.

2014 November - 4th Zagreb Finswimming Saturday - Borut Jan (Slovenia), former Slovenian coach and our assistant coach in our training camps, held a seminar about "Techniques in finswimming".
2014 July - Presentation about finswimming in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), for local diving club. It's a follow-up of previous 2010 presentation.

2013 November - 3rd Zagreb Finswimming Saturday - Gergely Juhos (Hungary), former World champion in 400fs and 800fs and coach of Lilla Szekely, European champion in 100fs, Davide Manca (Italy), former European champion in 6000m and editor of finswimming blog, Goran Kežman (Croatia) former coach of Croatian swimming national team and coach of swimming club Dubrava, Vladimir Šoštarić (Croatia), coach of diving club Šoderica from Koprivnica and particularly of Luka Đurđ, best Croatian male finswimmer 2013, held seminars about: "Coaching a sprinter", "Preparing long-distance competitions", "How to improve power and speed in swimmers", "My experience as coach of the best Croatian finswimmer".  
2013 June - Training camp for 2 of our Junior Croatian finswimming team members (Igor Žagar and Lovro Strmo), who were going to take part to European Junior championship. The camp has been organized in Bijeljina (Bosna and Herzegovina) by local diving club, and continued in Belgrade (Serbia) and Bela Crkva (Belgrade). 
2013 April - Presentation of finswimming in Barcelona (Spain) at local club, coached by Riccardo Galli (he has been our host in 2011). 
2013 January - 3nd International training camp, Bečej (Serbia) - Follow-up of 2011 and 2012 camps, again with our twin clubs from Belgrade and Kikinda. Borut Jan (Slovenia) took part as coach. 

2012 November - 2nd Zagreb Finswimming Saturday - Andrea Rampazzo (Italy), former World champion in 50bf, 100bf, 200bf, and Berislav Milišić (Croatia), former Croatian finswimming team coach, hold a seminar about "Training with bi-fins" and "Biomechanics and physics in finswimming". 
2012 March - finswimming presentation for newly established finswimming club Viševica in Delnice (Croatia). 
2012 January - 2nd International training camp, Bečej (Serbia) - Follow-up of 2011 camp, again with our twin clubs from Belgrade and Kikinda. Borut Jan (Slovenia) took part as coach.

2011 December - Pilot course for assistant coaches - our main coach tested his material for a future course for coaches, our potential future coaches took part and feed-backed with ideas and suggestions. 
2011 November - 1st Zagreb Finswimming Saturday - Riccardo Galli (Italy), former World junior champion in 50ap and European champion in 100fs, and Stefano Figini (Italy), several times World champion and World record holder, hold a seminar about "Training sprint and middle-distance". 
2011 September - presentation of finswimming in Rovinj (Croatia) for local diving club. 
2011 April - 1st International training camp, Banja Vrujici (Serbia) - Our team together with two twin clubs from Serbia (Belgrade, Kikinda) organized a finswimming full-immersion week. 

2010 October - Presentation about finswimming in Montegrotto Terme (Italy), for a new Italian freediving club. 
2010 September - Juhos Gergely (Hungary), former World champion in 400fs and 800fs, held a lesson about "How to finswim and train with hyperfins". 
2010 June - Presentation about finswimming in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), for local diving club. 
2010 May - Maksym Moroz (Ukraine), Triton monofin producer and former European champion in 6000m, in Zagreb held a lesson about "How to manufacture a monofin".